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Welcome to the Village of Marcellus – Founded in 1879

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Village News

Dump Passes Available

There will be free dump passes available to all Marcellus Township residents starting April 1st.  The passes will be available for pick up and redeemable April 1st – May 31st.  The passes will be available at the Village of Marcellus office as well as the Marcellus Township office.


Cleaning and Televising of the Sanitary Sewer System

The Village of Marcellus has obtained a Grant from the State of Michigan to investigate sections of the sanitary sewer system. The Village has contracted with Corby Energy Services (CES) to perform the work associated with this project by means of Cleaning and Televising the sanitary and storm Sewers within the Village.

The first step of the project is cleaning of the sanitary sewer. You will notice larger vehicles within the road ways. These vehicles are used in the cleaning and televising operations of this project. You may hear or see back pressure of air in your toilets and/or drains, this is not unusual. This is the result of material in the main sewer passing by your buildings service. In order to minimize the possibility of discharge from your toilets during the use of this hydraulically propelled equipment; please close your toilet covers.

 Also, to prevent sewer odor from coming into your home, we suggest pouring a cup or two of water into each basement floor drain. Because water evaporates over time, this should be done regularly as a preventative measure.

Corby Energy Services (CES) appreciates your help to make this project successful for the Village of Marcellus and its residents.  Work in your area will be starting March 25th and going through June 15th, 2019.

Below is a list of contacts if you should have any questions.

Marcellus Village Hall     269-646-5485

Jacob Martin (CES)       734-258-6535

Thank you,

Jacob Martin

Project Manager

Corby Energy Services Inc.

Did You Know?

The garbage service that we use here in the Village, Michiana Disposal, offers a pick-up service for additional bulk items you may need to dispose of, for a minimal fee.  If you have a couch, old desk, or various other bulk items that you would like to dispose of, simply call the Village Hall and have our utility clerk set up the pick-up for you.   Once the item has been picked up, the fee will be added to your utility bill.




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Village Calendar

Special Meetings:
All special meetings are scheduled as needed and must be posted at least 18 hours prior to the meeting date and time.

Regular and Special Meetings: The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend.