Water Service FAQ

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You can check your meter out by simply shutting off all of the water in your house and checking your meter reading. Next, run five gallons of water into a container and then recheck your meter reading, it should have increased by five gallons compared to your previous reading. If you find that the meter reading did not increase by five gallons, please contact the Village Office.
The location of water meters varies, however most meters are located in the basement of the home. Some meters are located in pits or water vaults outside of the home. If you need to locate your meter and are unable to do so, please feel free to contact the Village office for assistance.
Water meters are installed with two basic components: a mechanical flow monitor (impeller) and an FM radio antenna. The impeller records the water flow and the antenna transmits the recorded information to the DPW computer.
“Leak Letters” are sent out by the Village as a courtesy, no action is required, we do however, recommend that you investigate the concern. Leak letters are sent out when the village meter reading system indicates that your water meter ran constantly for at least 24 hours. It may be from a dripping faucet, a “running” toilet or an outdoor spigot that wasn’t completely shut off.

First, check to see if the leak is still occurring by shutting off all water sources in your home, then go check to see if the water meter is recording usage. If no usage is showing, your running water issue may no longer exist. If the meter is showing usage, you should investigate further.

Not all water leaks are obvious; you won’t necessarily see a puddle of water in your home. Check to see that any water sources are not turned on or dripping and make sure that the toilet isn’t running, this alone can increase your water usage by 10,000 gallons a month or more! The Village also will provide you with dye tablets to place in the tank of your toilet which can indicate a “silent” leak between the tank and bowl. Other leak sources can be water heaters or water softeners.

Finally, once you have found and repaired your water leak, you can contact the Village office for a billing abatement. The Village staff is authorized to reduce your bill if you have water usage in excess of 150% of the average water use for your property, specific details are available at the Village Hall.